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Work does not have to be boring. Work should not feel like an obligation. When you are a disciple of experience and a master of your craft, the creative expression of energy that comes from producing something of value can be quite motivating. At Clear Cloud, we offer cutting edge work experiences, fun and supportive teammates, autonomy, growth opportunities, and an organization that invests in you personally and professionally. We work hard to create an environment of mastery, craftsmanship, quality, and community. Clear Cloud offers more than just a job. We offer a place where you can challenge yourself to reach higher levels, connect with and help your teammates, and have a family away from home. Join us. 


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Career Opportunities

Software Craftsmen 

  • Software Engineer 

  • Web Developer

  • Cloud Architect

  • Applications Architect 

  • Data Architect

Data Craftsmen

  • Database Admin

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Knowledge Manager

  • Content Manager

Systems Craftsmen

  • Unix Admin

  • Web Admin

  • Windows Admin

  • Network Engineer

Quality Assurance Craftsmen

  • Requirements Specialist

  • Software Quality Assurance 

  • Applications Tester

  • Documentation Specialist

Program Management Craftsmen

  • IT Program Manager

  • Technology Delivery Manager

  • Project Integrator

  • Configuration Manager

  • Systems Integrator

  • Business Process Manager

Career Opportunities
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